Monday, April 02, 2007

New meaning to whirlwind day in Mexico

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Some things in Mexico are done in ever soooooo sloooooow time.

Others are muy rapido, a fast-forward so fast you forget what you were thinking a moment ago.

Where was I?

Anyway, Sunday consisted of getting the four of us out of Santana's beachfront apartment and then meeting the architect at our beachfront lot in Tenacatita where she crawled through the brambles with her assistant and son to measure our lot. She drafted us a quick sketch of the kind of house she thought would be best for the lot while we all drank tea and coffee and ate chilaquiles.

That took us until noon. And her sketch is unbelievable - as in good-unbelievable.

But because the architect was on our clock for the entire day (at a price you would pay an architect in the states for a couple of hours), we dragged her out to Arroyo Seco to look at Lot. No. 2 where she repeated her magic, coming up with a good-looking design for that hillside property. Two lots, two houses. One-half budget available. Hmmmm....

For now, the future holds six-plus weeks of the semester at the university before we can return to Tenacatita and Arroyo Seco. But we have some sketches to be pondering while the clock runs out.

Measuring the Arroyo Seco property
Measuring the Arroyo Seco property

Architect at work
Architect at work

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