Monday, January 01, 2007

A whale of a New Year's Day on Banderas Bay

BANDERAS BAY, Mexico - We spent New Year's Day the way it should be spent - out on the water, drinking beer and on the lookout for whales.

We also spent it without headaches as we didn't overdo it at all New Year's Eve, instead turning in shortly after the fireworks that lit up the sky like July 4th in the U.S.

Lots of revelers were still in full force even later this afternoon, however (the group in the powerboat being a good example) and many of the boats at Marina Vallarta (where Capt. Dan Olsen and Lorraine keep their vessel) still had extremely inebriated people shouting at us as we motored out to look for whales.

We found so many whales that unless they were within a few hundred yards, we barely looked up from our lunches and cervezas.

Whale diving
Whale diving - 200 yards off

Whale's tale
Whale's tale

Last year we had a great time with Capt. Dan on a similar whale-watching tour. This year, we found them even more quickly by heading straight for the coastal area of La Cruz (where they are building the new marina) where a handful of whale-watching boats were circling, waiting for the beats to come up.

The trip today was a semi-shakedown cruise for Dan and Lorraine who hope to meet up with us in Tenacatita Bay in a few days when we will go there via highway and they will brave Cabo Corrientes, a somewhat feared cape that can have high winds, big waves and make even veteran sailors queasy.

Captain Dan on the lookout
Captain Dan on the lookout for whales

The day was close to a 10, and will probably be a solid 10 as soon as the chorizo I have cooking on the stove is finished. I couldn't read the package very well, and it's possible that the chorizo I bought is the kind that is about 200 degrees with jalapeno peppers.

If so, listen for a scream.

While you wait for that, here's a few other photos from today's adventura.

Admiral Fox
Admiral Fox waiting for
the shout of 'Whale Ho!'

Odd condo architecture
Marina condos designed by ??????

I cook your fish sign
'I cook your fish sign' - look carefully

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