Sunday, January 07, 2007

Admiral discovers 'her beach' north of Tenacatita

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - Admiral Fox says she has found 'her' beach just north of the tiny town of Tenacatita, where new, relatively modest homes are being built on fairly large lots with ocean access.

Ocean access.

Ocean access.

The land in the area recently changed legal status for ownership due to some changes in Mexican law and suddenly is available to gringos.

Madre mia!

Ocean access.

The beach and waves in this photo are waaaaay more dramatico than the photo suggests and probably isn't a place I'll be boogie-boarding (excuse me, body boarding) but less than 200 yards south is a famous snorkeling and boogie-boarding (oops, sorry) spot with enough great restaurants along the shore to make the place a great destination for lunch or whatever...

Anchorage at pueblo of Tenacatita
The anchorage at Tenacatita, where snorkeling is great

The beach area - shown in this photo - is just over a spit of land from the beach that Admiral Fox has claimed as hers and is protected by the large hills in the background. I believe we are naming the exposed beach, Admiralty Beach. And tomorrow, in company with the Tucker family from Arizona, we hope to make a pilgrimage to the more protected side to check on the beach, snorkel, have a 'rollo de mar' (fish roll) and perhaps reconnect with amigos Dan and Lorraine Olsen who are sailing their boat from Puerto Vallarta to Tenacatita.

If we catch them coming in tomorrow morning, we will try to divert them to the area in front of these palapas where some sailboats now anchor - the access to the fish rolls and snorkeling is almost irresistible.

More on that adventure tomorrow.

Walkin' the beach
Walkin' the beach

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