Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back stage tour of the musical "All Shook Up"

Samantha and Carla
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Yes, it is a long way from the warm waters of Mexico and the charms of Tenacatita Bay.

But the joys of life in urbania were crystal clear Sunday when we went to see a touring production of "All Shook Up," with granddaughter Samantha and then got a back stage tour with a member of the cast, Carla Woods.

Carla is the older sister of Steve Woods, the husband of Admiral Fox's cousin Kate from Boston. We made a rockumentary about their wedding two years ago titled "Kate & Steve, A Hector'd Romance." We met Carla at the wedding and she has a big part it that rockumentary, singing "Love Me Still."

"All Shook Up" is a rock n' roll production featuring songs by Elvis and while a local newspaper critic was less-than-enthusiastic, the show was fabulous. Or as the governor of this state is fond of saying, "It was fan-tas-tic!"

The two acts went by waaaaay too fast. We could have sat through another round of rollicking toe-tapping music and comedy.

After the show we zipped to the stage door where Carla met us and took us on a backstage tour of the set - and where we met some members of the cast. One of my goals had been to get a photo of me with Susan Anton, the tall (and drop-dead gorgeous) blonde bombshell in the play, but she had already zipped out for dinner. The cast had a second performance that evening and a short time slot in-between shows.

Susan Anton
Susan Anton swings

Samanatha's eyes were nearly as big as her eyeglasses as we walked around the stage while Carla gave us a running dialogue about where she had to stand, explaining how they knew exactly where to be at any given moment and showed us the stage manager's control booth where all the action is controlled from.

From out in our seats, the performance was flawless.

Samantha and Carla in front of car
Samantha and Carla in front of rolling stage props

We were introduced to a number of the cast members - many of whom look quite different out of costume.

Girls from the cast with Sylvia and Samantha
Two girls from the cast with Sylvia and Samantha

There's some loose talk of going to see the show again before it leaves town in about a week - loose talk I'm supporting, and not just so I can have my photo taken with Susan Anton. (OK, it is a argument in favor of going back.)

It was just fun to hear the great music and suspend reality for the theatre experience for a couple of hours.

Hmmm... I wonder if All Shook Up will ever play in La Manzanilla?

I'll take it up with Ms. Anton.

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