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Back on the beach again after a visit to the doctor

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PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - I was back out on the beach at Paradise Village today after the Admiral and I paid a visit to a doctor to see about the Admiral's lingering flu symptoms and a tender spot on her shoulder.

We found a gringo doctor who has practiced in PV for about six years, a quiet, kind of unassuming general practitioner, kind of like the doctors everyone had in the U.S. pre-HMO and pre PPO and pre all those other O's we have come to love so much that were created for the convenience of insurance companies and stockholders in the health-care industries.

The doctor had a surprise for us: Instead of simply yanking out the prescription pad - and giving the Admiral a dose of some antibiotic - he yanked open his desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of fruit juice.

Fruit juice?

I was already primed for it because in his waiting room I read several brochures about a miracle juice called Xango which is sweeping the health food world and has gotten rave reviews from plenty of doctors.

I was so impressed, I slugged down a couple of ounces myself as soon as we got back to Dustin's casa downtown - after taking a long detour because I put us on the wrong bus. That's another story.

Why just a couple of ounces? Well, for a one-liter bottle, it cost about $40 U.S. For a guy who buys $2-a-bottle wine at Trader Joes, well, I am going to treat this Xango with some reverence - and restraint.

Xango juice
Xango juice bottle

The beach trip was preceded by a visit to the Vallarta Yacht Club where amiga Karen O'Hara had just finished up with her beading class, a very popular activity that takes over the club every Tuesday morning. The Admiral is into beading also and has several dozen fancy chains & lanyards.

Beading at the PV Yacht Club
The Admiral and Karen O'Hara

But the beach ruled today, because for some reason, only a relatively small group of people actually were there and there were plenty of palapas and chairs and shade to go around.

The surf, unfortunately, wasn't as high as wanted, but I still managed to make a few runs. The waves were big enough that I managed to auger into the sand a couple of times while carefully following the advice of former semi-pro boogie-boarder Rob Blackwood. (Rob, who graduated to surfing, says that boogie-boarding is incorrect. I should be saying 'body boarding.' My apologies for this shameful error.)

I see that bottle of Xango juice sitting on the table and I realize that I forgot to ask the doctor the penultimate question:

Can you mix it with tequila?

More on that to follow.

Red bikini's are in this year
Gratuitous bikini shot

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