Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The hazards of boating include occasional rocks

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ISLA ISABELLA, Mexico - The boaters around here worship a magazine out of Marin County, Calif. called Latitude 38 which loves funny - and not-so-funny - boating photos.

This one was published this week of a boater at Isla Isabella, a long day's sail from Puerto Vallarta and the site of bird sanctuary. We anchored there several years ago and explored the place, anxiously watching Sabbatical at anchor, not far from where this picture was taken.

The bottom is littered with boulders and coral heads and this unlucky boat came up with a massive rock.

How they got it out of the crook of the anchor remains a mystery.

Wal Mart
Puerto Vallarta's own Wal Mart

Tuesday was mostly a beach day, but we did fight a traffic jam coming home, with cars all zooming in and out of Puerto Vallarta's very own Wal Mart, with a Sam's Club right next door.

The more 'local' grocery stores (chain outfits like "Gigante" and "Comercial") all have comparison lists in their stores showing that the Mexican chains are actually cheaper (for groceries at least) than the Arkansas-based giant.

The produce is certainly of better quality.

But the beach! Ah, the beach at Paradise Village! As this trip/vacation/adventura winds to an end, it was the best surfing day yet. (OK, body-boarding) And there was also a lot of volleyball action for the younger tourists.

Tuesday was likely the last visit to Paradise Village beach as Thursday we will roll back down to La Manzanilla for a visit with Dan & Lorraine Olsen (from Zephryus) and the folks at Santana Realty. And then over the weekend, Alaska Airlines willing, we will return to Sacramento and, gulp, work.

Volleyball action
Volleyball action at Paradise Village

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