Friday, January 12, 2007

Lunch, kayaking and a loose cocodrilo off the beach

Lunch crowd at Valentina's
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LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Always in search of the perfect margarita, the perfect fish taco and the perfect flan, we struck out today down the beach to Valentina's an outdoor, palapa-style restaurant that by reputation was one of the best in town.

The reputation is well deserved.

Admittedly, because it was lunchtime we passed on the margaritas and the flan, but I did have fish fajitas which were as tasty as anything I have had in the few weeks I've been down here. The service was quick and the beer was ice cold.


On the way to Valentina's we saw quite a stir along one spot of the beach. It seems a cocodrilo had decided to take an ocean dip and crawled out of the lagoon, lazily making its way down the beach right in front of our palapa. Where he was going, what he was thinking and what he was considering eating was unknown.

Croc on the beach
The shadow in the water is the crocodile swimming

Some locals told me that it was no big deal. (Ha! Did they think I just arrived from some hick town like Sacramento?) But after we left, Maya Tucker took some photos of four local guys wrestling the beast in the water, trussing it up with ropes and eventually dragging it to a pickup truck to return the croc to its home in the lagoon.

And I thought it was exciting to see sting rays in the water. Imagine stepping on the head of a 15-foot long croc.

Earlier in the morning, Mel Tucker took his last kayak ride of this vacation, going out in search of whales (lots of wildlife in this bay) returning to shore using the barrel-roll dismount favored by kayakers in really warm water. Or so Mel claims.

Mel Tucker goes sand surfing
Mel Tucker goes sand surfing

Just after the croc was wrestled from his swim, some of the tourists decided it was time to get back in the water - but not without some hesitation, not knowing if other crocs might have decided it was time to go out for a snack.

Debating on taking a swim
Debating about taking a swim

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