Monday, January 08, 2007

Scooping out the good stuff to make ceviche

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The day was all about food, exercise, more food, more exercise, more...

You get the point.

But an early highlight was having Javier, who takes care of the casa here (and us) give Beth Tucker a lesson in making ceviche. He made a huge bowl of it for our welcoming margarita party last night when Beth, Mel and their daughter Maya arrived from Flagstaff, Arizona.

Today, Beth asked Javier to show her how to make it - from the beginning.

The beginning was scraping the meat out of a dozen small Sierra before doing anything else and it was amazing to watch Javier work with a spoon, and so quickly. Beth got quite good by the end and more ceviche is in our futures.

Beth and Javier prepare the fish
Beth and Javier prepare the fish

But the day also included a looooong kayak trip with the three Tuckers and Dustin and Dylan. The Admiral and I stayed behind but waved goodbye as the interepid explorers headed out across the bay towards an ultra-exclusive club called El Tamarindo. The rumor is you need about $3 million to join.

To join.

If I hadn't misplaced my pen, my app would be going Fed Ex right away. Oh, and I don't have a Fed Ex envelope either. Darn.

At the start of the kayak voyage, Dylan had a slight mishap during a practice beach landing, captured in the three photos following this.

Dylan slides down the wave
Dylan slides down the front of the wave

Dylan upside down in the wave
Dylan upside down in the wave

Dylan up for another shot
Dylan up for another shot

The fellow standing on shore in the first two frames is Mel Tucker, who is shown below leaving on the kayak journey alongside his daughter Maya. Mel took his own share of spills today, but not when the camera was handy.

Heading out to kayak
Maya and Mel head out

Tomorrow's adventure should be a good one - a day trip to the town of Tenacatita (site of Admiralty Beach) where we will be snorkeling, eating non-Javier manufactured ceviche and likely checking the place out for possible longer-term residency.

But that's tomorrow.

Today's gratuitious bikini photo
Today's gratuitous bikini photo

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