Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another day in Mexico - with animals on the road

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - What was billed as a 'beach day' turned into a 'drive-all-over-the-place day' out to look at some mountaintop properties and then a return to Admiralty Beach to admire the place.

In our travels, we came around a corner doing about 60 mph and found three cows right in the middle of the road. They were not all that eager to move, either, though with a combination of quick driving and horn work, we got by.

Later, we came upon the fellow riding the horse in the photo at the top, headed to the local tienda with some produce for sale. How do you calculate miles per gallon on a horse, anyway?

Once at the beach, we gave a quick tour to our Canadian friends John and Catherine from Salt Spring Island. They have been on the move since early fall and are headed back to the Great White North over the weekend to resume their 'normal' lives.

They wanted to simply pitch a tent on Admiralty Beach and stay forever.

Admiralty Beach Canadian tour
Admiralty Beach, Canadian tour

The day also included a nice time with our amigos Dan & Lorraine Olsen from the sailing vessel Zephryus, who overstayed their time limit a little and had to barrel out to their boat so they could pull anchor to get to a safer anchorage for the night. They hate to enter any anchorage at nightfall - with good reason.

But before they left, I snapped this shot of their boat with the sunset. San Francisco Bay sailors work for 20 years to get their boats ready to sail here for just that kind of sunset.

Nicely done, Zephryus.

Zephryus at Sunset
Zephryus at Sunset

The day also include the hunt for a photo of someone enjoying the life on the beach.

A dragon on her back
An impressive dragon

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