Friday, January 05, 2007

A La Manzanilla croc says helloooooooooo

Croc says helloooooo
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LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - I neglected to put this croc shot in yesterday's missive, though how I overlooked his toothy grin, I can't tell you. A minute after this was snapped, he opened his jaws fully to catch a fish thrown from shore.

The snapping sound when his jaws closed was more than a little unsettling.

We spent most of the day driving around with the owner of our little palapa, getting a look at the countryside and perhaps some places to someday buy a lot and build a nice Mexican casita.

The city were are in is nearly built out - by Mexican standards - and the new hot spot is just up the road, he said, the town of Tenacatita near where the sailboats actually anchor and where we visited several times on Sabbatical.

It was in that bay four years ago that when I arrived I declared that I was home.

Maybe I will be again.

View from Tenacatita beach
View of the ocean from one homesite

Inside the bay view
A view of Tenacatita Beach

After a long sweaty car ride up some hills that I think would challenge a mountain goat, we spent the rest of the day at our La Manzanilla palapa, lounging in the chairs out front and braving the surf.


Yes, because it was confirmed that there are sting rays in the water here, so when I swam, I wore by water shoes and did the Jersey shuffle as I walked out to deep enough water to get a few strokes in.

No incidents and my shoulder felt OK while swimming. OK, it felt almost OK... But that's progress, amigos, progress.

Our seaside villa
Our seaside villa in La Manzanilla

Today's beach shot
Today's beach shot

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