Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A tour of Admiralty Beach from south to north

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - We took a drive Tuesday along Admiralty Beach, going all the way to the north end where a lagoon bursts through the sand during the rainy season and closes up with ocean sand in the dry months.

Joe Santana & beach tour
Joe and his beach tour group

Joe Santana, of Santana Realty and the original Palapa Joe of La Manzanilla, drove us around back roads and across sand dunes to show us this remote - for now - stretch of beach.

The lagoon is especially interesting for anyone who likes to fish or is interested in birds and wildlife.

From our vantage point in the photo at the top, we watched fish jumping every minute or so and looking out at the ocean, watched a whale spouting about a mile offshore.


Also amazing was Joe telling us that there are some cocodrilos in that end of the lagoon.

The entire area is slated to become part of an eco-tourism project, intertwined with housing. As long as it isn't intertwined with cocodrilos, I suppose.

Far end of Admiralty Beach
Far end of Admiralty Beach

The House on the Hill
House on the hill above the lagoon

We spent most the afternoon on the Tenacatita Bay side of the town, right near where Admiral Fox has laid claim to where she wants to retire. We watched dogs running up and down the beach having a great time and there were schools of fish around a reef nicknamed "The Aquarium" because of the clear water and color sea life.

One rather large, gray colored bit of sea life brushed against me while I snorkeled, prompting me to return to the safety of the palapa.

Dog on the beach
He thinks it's his beach

Tenecatita Bay visitor
Tenacatita Beach visitor on a stroll

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