Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just another day in paradise, for most of us

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - We spent another day chasing about the beach here, but had to say farewell to sons Dylan and Dustin who left today, their respective vacations over.

Dylan flew out on Alaska Airlines and headed back to Berkeley and his new job in the financial world. Dustin drove out this evening and back to a herd of anxious customers in Puerto Vallarta who want their boats fixed.

I caught this shot of Dustin, sitting in front of our palapa, an hour or so before he barreled out to do the four-hour drive.

Dan & Lorraine surf in
Dan and Lorraine surf in

Early today Dan and Lorraine Olsen from Zephryus motored across the bay to anchor in front of our rented quarters to spend the day on the beach with us. They did a near textbook surf landing coming in (above) barely getting their legs wet at all when they jumped out and pulled the boat up.

Later in the afternoon, when Sylvia, Lorraine and Beth Tucker drove Dylan south to the Manzanillo Airport (one hour south of here), Dan got involved in a little pickup game of Frisbee with three young Mexican lads on the beach.

It was a little unclear if they wanted Dan to play catch with them - or if they just wanted to borrow the casa's Frisbee. Dan was up to the task, however and showed them some of that great Sonoma State University Frisbee technique he learned there as a undergraduate.

It requires being able to throw skillfully with one hand, the other firmly clasping a beer. He proved today he hasn't lost his touch for either, since college.

Dan plays Frisbee with a local pro
Dan teaches a Frisbee lesson to his new amigos

The number of people visiting the La Manzanilla beach is dwindling rapidly as the holidays get further and further behind. But new people are arriving every day, too.

Catching some rays
New arrival catches some rays

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  1. It's supposed to get down to 20 degrees tonight... and you're missing it!


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