Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Truth, justice and the American Way

METROPOLIS, USA - The entire day yesterday was spent reporting, sitting in a meeting about a $3 billion a year enterprise dealing with stem cell research, then listening to politicians spin the story, then chatting with other reporters about what the real story is.

And when I finally dragged my butt home and sat down, my mind drifted to Clark Kent and the old Superman program from the 1950s. I didn't feel like Superman, more like Clark Kent after a loooong day.

If you missed that program, it set the stage for all of the relatively modern Superman movies and programs. It was as cornball as most shows in the 50s, but had a certain panache about it, a blissful 50s innocence.

No wonder most of the episodes were in black and white - the whole country saw things that way.

But when I don my sports jacket and tie and loop my press pass around my neck, I flash on Clark Kent (played by the late George Reeves) dashing out the door, usually to switch into his Superman costume.

I can't remember him every sitting at a typewriter. And the first computers were wet dreams of the 1950s scientists (if they were allowed to have wet dreams...).

With Superman/Kent in this photo is Perry White (on the left, the editor who Clark called 'Chief,' and who would yell 'Don't call me Chief!), Jimmy Olsen, the young photographer and the lovely Lois Lane, who never seemed to figure out that Clark was indeed our hero.

Clark-Superman-George Reeves died the victim of his own hand, police claimed, though to this day there is speculation that he was murdered and that it wasn't suicide.

But suppose he had lived? Suppose he had finished his acting career and gone into politics?

Superman/Clark Kent for governor!

At lot better than having a Terminator running the show.

If you want a blast from the past, listen to this sound clip - the original theme song.
  • Superman Theme
  • In the meantime, I need to get my cape out of the washing machine and find a clean shirt for today's scenes as Clark Kent/Mike Fitzgerald at the state Legislature.

    Up, up and away!

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