Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A long way from Annette Funicello, I'd say

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - The young lady pictured with today's blog, Lindsay Lohan, is starring in Disney's latest Love Bug franchise movie and was royally pissed at the premiere and stormed out because a song of hers was cut from the beginning.

So sad.

But it just goes to show that even Disney has to put up with tempermental artistes. In this case, they might have also considered a singer/star who wasn't such a blasted stereotype.

I mean look at the photo. Kee-rist, it's a Herbie the Love Bug film, a G-rated movie. Come on.

Not that it was going to be a flic I was hanging on for, or worried about what Roger Ebert might think of it. Thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs in your ear, doesn't matter on this one for me.

Lindsay, I know you are reading this, so just make sure your missing song is on the CD of the movie soundtrack that a million little kids will pester their parents to download from ITunes. Then, eventually, you can buy your own record label, then studio, the make your own movies and not have to play second banana to an automobile, an automobile that isn't even sold in the U.S. anymore.

Honk, honk!

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  1. Apparently, Disney also felt that she was too "mature" for the role as well and have digitally reduced her breasts. Now there is a gig they don't advertise.