Saturday, June 25, 2005

Passing laws that you don't mean to enforce

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - In my early reporting days, I lived on a busy street in Petaluma, Calif. on which people drove by about 45 miles per hour on their way to work.

Granted, it was a pretty straight country road without too many houses. But there were houses and there were kids and there were dogs and there were even the occasional cow and chicken who would fall prey to a motorcar going way too fast.

So I complained to my friend the chief of police that the 30 mph speed limit needed to be enforced and he responded that the department was considering raising the speed limit to be in line with speeders.

Raising the speed limit?

I was shocked, but after many conversations with him, learned that passing laws that you can't - or won't - enforce only weakens respect for law and drives everyone nuts.

San Francisco is doing it right now.

Starting in about a week, smoking outdoors is going to be restricted. Yup, outdoors. And the department that is supposed to put up the signs around the city, about 1,000 of them, hasn't even ordered a crayon to draw with.

It seems that department doesn't even respect the rule of law of its own governing body!

When the law goes into effect, Cate Blanchett could be cited for puffing on the cigarette that she shown stylishly holding on top of her head. (Must be a movie star thing.)

But what about when the Guvenator goes to San Francisco? Will they ticket him for one of his famous cigars if he lights up?

We can hope so.

Here's the story about the smoking ban in San Francisco:
  • Who let the smoke out?
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