Friday, June 03, 2005

Endangered species covers snakes, too

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - I suppose I should be worried about whether snakes are endangered. I draw the line at Great White Sharks, however.

They may all disappear as far as this sea-going guy is concerned.

But San Francisco just imported garter snakes and had to go all the way the land of windmills and dikes to get them.

I think they could've come to my house in Sacramento along the American River and done ok, but perhaps the snakes who have been showing up on my doorstep, in my backyard and in my pond (because of the high water in the river) are not garter types.

Today's photo shows one of these critters up close and personal. We had about a four-foot snake curled on our doorstep about a week ago, which barely wanted to move when we went to leave. No rattle however, so we let him/her slither off to sit on our neighbor's welcome mat. Maybe it was the straw material that was so appealing.

We return to Sacramento today after a week of cleaning out many of our personal effects from Sabbatical now that the ship in on the market.

Amazing what you save - even on a sailboat - over four years.

And even more amazing what you decide to keep out of all that and haul back to your condo on the river.

But more on that in the next blog when I have time to go through the photos of the girls on the beach, er, I mean nature shots.

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