Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Governor gets to see his critics up close

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - The governor of California has frankly just pissed off too many people, too many of the same people who elected him to office.

And so he couldn't even give graduation speech at his California alma mater, surrounded by cops and bodyguards, without drawing boos and hisses like George Bush at a pro-choice rally.

I wish it would make him wake up and understand that his movie star personality isn't carrying the freight anymore, that his policymakers are just dragging out the old Pete Wilson tapes (which never played worth a damn with the public).

He had the chance to be bold and do some good work when he was elected, but now, well, no one seems to trust him, most of it based on his reneging on the school finance deal. How can you trust him?

In the movies, he just can have the script rewritten to make him more heroic. Not going to happen here. So for awhile, he should considering staying away from public gatherings where he can't control the crowds and their reactions to what he has to say.

Otherwise, his ballot measures will fail in the fall, considering how tightly they are linked to his popularity, however fleeting that may prove to be.

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