Thursday, June 23, 2005

Karl Rove, the GOP's very own trashmeister

NEW YORK, N.Y. - So Karl Rove opened his mouth and used 9-11 as a way to take a cheap shot at Democrats.

Hello! The entire presidential election in 2004 was a cheap shot at Democrats and 9-11 was used shamelessly by GOP hopefuls from Dubya down to county commissioners in the boondocks of Maine. It worked then, so Karl, the trashmeister himself, decided why not keep at it?

Still, it would be nice for this guy to be forced from office, not because he would lose a nickel, of course. The GOP backers have made such incredible money off the rape and pillage of the environment, the ongoing war in Iraq, and fluctuating oil prices that Karl will be rewarded handsomely financially whenever he leaves office.

But what would be nice is for him to lose what he wants the most - power.

In this photo, he bears a striking resemblance to Rush Limbaugh, another wingnut. But Karl seems to have lost his chin almost entirely, a symptom of too many cholestorol laden-steaks and icy martinis at fund raisers where the bellies of the men protrude and the hair of most of the women is that silver color that costs a fortune at the day-spa.

Or maybe those jowls-in-development is where he stores up all the venom he spews when he speaks.

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    1. I think E.J. Dionne really nails the significance of Rove's attack on "liberals" (a.k.a. Democrats) in his column today (SF Chronicle, June 28). This is McCarthism reborn, the Republicans turning once again to a strategy of suspicion and division.