Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hot time and summer in the country

VALOIS, N.Y. - When I got off the plane in Elmira five hours ago, it was like walking into a sauna - a very steamy one.

It reminded me of Mexico, except the ocean here is Seneca Lake and unless my thermometer is off, the lake water is about 66 degrees. Quite a contrast!

The weather I'm told has been like this for several weeks, a real upstate New York summer, not at all like last year when it was cold and raining all but five days of the eight weeks we were here.

I use a weather service called Wunderground to keep track of what's happening and hoped a minute ago that there might be a big freakin' thunderstorm bearing down on us that would blow out the heat and give us some relief. That's the radar function with today's blog and around here it's hard to live without it.

But is there a thunderstorm? Not a chance, amigos.

I can't complain too much. It will warm up the lake and by the weekend we hope to have borrrowed Cousin Roger's Hobie cat to keep tethered at our dock to escape out on the water and get away from the chores.

Still, the sweat, the sweat...

Check out Wunderground here:
  • Valois weather from Wunderground
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