Monday, June 20, 2005

Jodi Picoult's books are deep, deep, deep...

SALEM FALLS - I just finished reading Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult whose books are nothing short of wonderful. The Salem Falls story is a neat web of intrigue with characters soooo interesting that you want to know them, even though some of them are not always Mayberry nice.

I've read most of her work, but this one really struck home about a situation a teacher got into quite unintentionally. It's an old story, and anyone who teaches could see some parts of it as it unfolded. But not for long. And the twists just keep on coming page after page.

The careful research she puts into her books shows in this one, not in a Perfect Storm sort-of showoff way, but more subtle. You'll learn enough about Wicca to either buy some candles and a pentagram necklace - or hang a cross above your head when you sleep.

By comparison, a few hours after I finished reading Salem Falls, I was standing in the grocery store line and picked up a New York Times bestseller. I though, well, why not, I need another book and it is, after all a NYT bestseller.

This bestseller was probably half the length of Salem Falls in pages, had type big enough that I could almost read it without my reading glasses and the first few paragraphs were so poorly composed, I think a German Sheperd could write as well with one bandaged paw.

Ok, that last one wasn't fair. I love German Sheperds and don't mean to malign them.

Check out Salem Falls and also the Picoult website. Both are worth the look.
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