Thursday, June 09, 2005

How desperate are you to see Teri Hatcher?

ST. HELENA, Calif. - I detailed out here some months ago, how I bumped into Jane Fonda at a cocktail party and for the first time in my journalistic life, was struck speechless in the presence of someone famous.

I think it's a good thing I didn't go to this June wine tasting. I think I would have started mumbling around Teri Hatcher, too.

I have never seen her in the show she stars in now, Desperate Housewives. I remember her from earlier tv shows and a couple of quite unimpressive movies, except for her, of course,

At this fund raiser for charity, she offered to raise her skirt one inch for every $10,000 bid - and apparently raked in some serious cash. Jay Leno was the host/auctioneer. Can you imagine what he had to say about it?

I like living in Napa years ago, as a reporter at the newspaper there. For all too short a time, I had the wine beat and would drive up the wineries and load up the trunk of my car with free wine, courtesy of the winemakers.

Very little bad news got published about the wine industry in the Napa Register.

And Terry Hatcher probably wasn't even born yet.

Jaysus. I need a glass of Mondavi cabernet.

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