Saturday, February 12, 2005

Spring days and cigarettes

Out my back window
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SACRAMENTO, Calif., La Riviera Drive -- It's a long way from Mexico, but standing on my back deck, watching fishing boats drift down the American River, is a good reminder that spring is here.

In most parts of the country the weather we have had for the past two days (and predicted for today) would be damn near summer. It's supposed to be close to 70 again and the sun is already streaming into the kitchen.

Not half-bad, as they say in the midwest.

In the meantime, after three weeks of battling with a nasty cold I picked up in Mexico, it appears the cold is almost a memory. Probably the infusion of large doses of Charles Shaw wine (Two-Buck-Chuck) and the legendary meatloaf from a local supermarket.

I did receive some bad news today -- a classmate from high school passed away suddenly. She would have been 56 (56!!!!!!). According to my friend who emailed me about her death, my late classmate was looking good last summer, sucking on her asthma inhaler, but still smoking cigarettes.

Smoking cigarettes.


Time to take a nice walk along that river scene accompanying today's blog and thank God, Mother Nature, the Great Spirit and the Universe in general for another good day.


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