Saturday, February 05, 2005

Life at the Seneca Clipper Inn

5 February 2005

WATKINS GLEN, NY -- The temperature outside this morning is a balmy 25 degrees but predicted to go up to maybe 40 with 50 degrees on Sunday.

I brought a heat wave from California apparently as it was a high of 9 degrees for several days prior to our arrival.

Family and friends are going to gather today for a memorial service for Sylvia's mom. While she was failing in health, everyone expected her to live for at least several more years so her passing is a shock.

One thing everyone has agreed. We will all clean out our houses when we get home. Louise was a schoolteacher and an artist and there is sooooo much raw materials for artwork, pencils, paper, magazine articles and notes on projects that you would think we were packing up the Pentagon, not the apartment of a little old lady.

Next summer -- July 4th weekend, we hope -- the family will have a big hoopla celebration of Louise's life at the Lake House ending with the spreading of her ashes in Seneca Lake, a place she loved.

In between boxes and loads of stuff, I've been working here at the Seneca Clipper Inn, which actually is a very neat place. While I'm bundled up like an Eskimo, people outside are walking around in light sweaters, because of the warm (to them) temperatures.



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