Friday, February 11, 2005

Emergency flight to San Diego

11 February 2005

I'm still a little punchy this morning after flying to San Diego Thursday to help perform an emergency extraction -- getting son Dustin out of his apartment and on his way to Mexico.

After days and days of packing and planning, his 'get-out-of-the-apartment' time loomed (9 a.m. this morning) and he was swamped with half-filled boxes, bags of garbage and a dozen details that needed tending.

Send in the cavalry! Or, in this case, Dad, to give a hand.

Dustin is heading to Mexico (as I write this, I hope already on his way) to live for awhile in the sunshine. I can relate. But getting out of the apartment he shared for three years proved to be pretty daunting for a person working alone. And he is taking his tools and enough parts and hardware to open a marine store in Puerto Vallarta. Maybe he is going to open a marine store.

But we hauled boxes, dumped trash, walked through the checklist and still had time to go to the Southwestern Yacht Club for dinner and two glasses of vino blanco before I boarded my second Southwest Airlines flight of the day to come home to Sacramento.

On the way in, I took the photo with this blog, the San Diego skyline, from the window of the plane. You come in tight to the downtown just before you hit the tarmac at Lindbergh field. And this time, I was a little more cagey about my use of the camera.

Vaya con Dios, Doostin. (That's how they say his name in Mexico.)


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