Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Even bloggers take a day off, sometimes

9 Feb. 2005

After returning from New York and working all day Tuesday on writing deadlines, today (Wednesday) was almost a total 'do nothing' day. But now with recharged batteries, there are several new writing projects to do, several others to start, and best of all, a few days to get working on the two movies under development at 21st Century Fox: The Whales of Banderas Bay and Flying Without a Net.

A third movie is on the drawing boards, with a some footage already done: Banderas Bay Boogie.

Tomorrow this blog will probably get back to commenting on politics and education. Today there was a story out of Virginia about the legislature wanting to make it illegal for anyone's pants to droop and show their underwear. (No, I did not make it up... check out this link:

They would have to lock up half the teenagers in California.

Hasta manana...


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