Sunday, February 20, 2005

Recurring nightmares about bees attacking

20 February 2005

SACRAMENTO, Calif., (In the movie studio) - After spending several hours re-editing 'Sailing With Bees,' my mini-documentary about the nightmare we had last season with bees in the mast, I dreamed about the little critters last night, not surprising I suppose.

The photo with the blog today is of David (the bee killer, not the painter who has worked on the boat) atop the mast of Sabbatical, spraying water through a fire hose down. And, as you might expect, a lot of that water ended up INSIDE the boat, mixed with soap that apparently kills the bees. As the movie shows, however, it doesn't kill all of them.

I learned a lot about bees through that experience, not the least of which is that I am mildly allergic to their sting. A few weeks ago, just before I left to return here to Sacramento, I got stung and my finger swelled up so much I couldn't bend it.


The original Sailing With Bees was put together last summer, but the new version has special effects, better titles and credits, and the soundtrack of the 'rockumentary' is even more fast paced. (Sounds like the director is kind of proud of this, eh?)

When the income tax is finished today, I'm back on the final editing so I can burn the movie onto a DVD to take to Puerto Vallarta. And maybe once I'm done with it, I won't be buzzed in my dreams anymore.


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