Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bending technology to do your bidding

Mexican artwork
Originally uploaded by Brite light photos.
24 February 2005

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Only two hours after struggling, sweating, and swearing (see, the illiteration function still works), a photo suddenly appeared to upload to this blog.

Not the best shot I've ever taken, but it shows that the system probably has some ailments today that preclude doing a lot of photo type work.

But that's ok.

Heard news about the death of yet another friend from my Petaluma newspaper days. Jaysus. Who will be the last one standing? Who wants to be the last one standing?

The Mexican artwork here is from a trip into Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romantica just before I left PV to return to Sacramento. I shot a camera full that day, mostly of surf and surf watchers, but never got around to looking closely at some of the more interesting stuff - like this piece of classic art.

But who would you give it to? And would you want it in your house?


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