Saturday, February 26, 2005

If you have to live in San Francisco, how about?

26 February 2005

SAN FRANCISCO, Van Ness Avenue - If you have to live in San Francisco, well, here is the place to be, 1621 Pine Street.

It's true that it's close to the Holiday Inn and Van Mess, er, excuse me, Van Ness Avenue. But the place is a fabulous piece of architecture. We only saw it from the outside, but with our vantage point across the street, we could see into some of condos.


We took an up-close look last night after a Greek dinner with colleagues from San Francisco State. Retsina is definitely not something to drink too much of. And by ordering only a half liter, there was no headache this morning, only a vague ringing of Greek music in my skull.

Today's agenda includes hearing a presentation about blogging - how convenient. If the presenter isn't too shy, you'll his picture here later today or tomorrow.


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