Sunday, February 13, 2005

The backyard pond in winter - waiting for fish

13 February 2005

Procrastinating about all the writing, income tax, cleaning, and general life organizing I needed to do, I spent several hours Saturday installing a new water pump in the small pond in the backyard of the condo.

Successfully installing, I should add.

Now the water trickles down the rocks in a mini-waterfall (very mini) but makes a nice gurgling sound guaranteed to help you sleep and cause you to get up several times during the night to find the bathroom. The birds seem to like the moving water and this morning doves are sipping near the rocks while eating the birdseed I have scattered around.

Monday, with granddaughter Samantha, we will get some goldfish to add to the eco-system and see how long they last with the raccoons that live along the river, right over the back fence.

After a sunny day Saturday -- a top-down day in the Miata -- the overcast gloom has returned and more normal weather has returned.

But the pond is trickling.


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