Saturday, July 09, 2005

How I'm spending my summer vacation

Michael on the ladder
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VALOIS, New York - Suddenly someone called and said 'Is that cute little cabin for rent?'

Oh crap!

So in less than 24 hours, I scrapped, sanded, prepped and primered two sides of the 'cute little cabin' leaving the insides to Admiral Fox to deal with while I make a quick trip back to California to get thing squared away and spend some fun time with daughter Anne and granddaughter Samantha.

The exterior of the cabin, even in such a short time, looks great, and what we hope is that in summers future we rent it from June through August, using the money to keep the rest of the house afloat. We have enough projects - a new dock, a deck, and a hot tub (a very popular project with the family) to keep the money flowing out, so the cabin, we hope, will bring some money flowing in.

The irony, I suppose, is that I really hate to paint. But, like last summer, when the boat's sinking, you bail. When the house paint is peeling off in sheets, you paint.


So, what am I doing sitting while the cabin exterior calls?

Waiting for the rain to stop, of course.

It is upstate New York, after all.

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