Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hot time, summer in the City of Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - It would be nice to stake Karl Rove out on the levee right behind my condo today and let him roast - it is supposed to top 104 degrees and there isn't a hint of a breeze.

This is the first summer I've spent any time in Sacramento in, well, nearly 20 years and Jaysus it's hot.

Predictions are for 105 tomorrow and waffling between 100-105 for at least a week.

The heat is bad enough, though the air conditioner seems to work well enough. But going anywhere is problematic because when it gets this hot, and the wind stops, the thermal inversion turns Sacramento into a place even Los Angelenos would run from, the air gets so foul.

It was bad yesterday and probably will be worse today. And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow I think I'll stock up on food and videos and stay hiding in the dark.

If it's hotter than hell where you are, click on this link. It seems to help.
  • Glacier National Park webcams
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