Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Could we hear less about Martha Stewart?

VALOIS, New York - I was about to write one of those 500-word diatribes about how sick I am of hearing about Martha Stewart, Oprah and Brad Pitt, when I realized that I was in fact writing about Martha, feeding the information frenzy that we call the media.

So, what should we do now, Tonto?

Talk about Karl Rove, of course!

There's a story circulating all over the Internet that when Time magazine gave up its notes in the famous CIA agent-outing story, that it was Karl Rove, the nasty fat guy featured here just a week or so ago, who deliberately let out the name of a CIA agent and put her in harm's way.

So as I've scanned the major media websites today, I've been looking and looking and looking and what I keep finding is a piece about Martha Stewart's interview in Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair.

I suppose that she finds the ankle bracelet - the one she has to wear as part of her house arrest - uncomfortable is real news. Or that in prison she had a nickname (I'll make you go to the story for that).

But fer chrissakes what about Karl, what about GW and what about impeachment?

The press needs to get back in the game and quit being distracted by Martha and her TV show makeover.

But until it does, here's the Martha Stewart story I referred to. You'll have to catch up on Oprah and Brad somewhere else:
  • Martha becomes 'M. Diddy'
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    1. Is this a sign of the coming of the Apolcalypse, Fitz writing about Martha! Me thinks he doth protest too much. There must be topics to write about better than her, come on Michael, maybe you have been in California too long?