Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rocky Balboa about to step back into the ring

Rocky Balboa
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PHILADELPHIA, Penn. - I watched the original "Rocky" movie the night before I was about to take a new job at a newspaper in Grass Valley - a job I had bluffed my way into.

I had about a thimbleful of experience for the editing and page layout job I had gotten and the night before, I was terrified of what might happen the next day.

Rocky got me through the next day, the 'can-do' images burned in my brain.

Now I see that the Rocky franchise has one last hurrah left in it and all over the country those of us who have watch Rocky Balboa keep coming back as he gets older - and winning - will no doubt cheer.

The critics, of course, are already groaning that this is just a pathetic attempt by Sylvester Stallone to revive his flagging movie career.

So what?

I hope he keeps making Rocky movies until he has to fight his way out of assisted living to get to the set.

It's a better alternative than having him become the governor of California.

Rocky Balboa II

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