Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just another day on the beach, again (sigh)

PARADISE VILLAGE MARINA, Nayarit, Mexico - Thursday was spent on the beach at Paradise Village, doing a little boogie boarding and keeping a watchful eye on people who were likely to get sunburns.

There were enough Canadians on the beach to start an entire hockey fan club and their lobster-like skin was pretty easy to spot.


We took pity on one young couple - he was on crutches and she was toting all their assorted beach crap - and had them share our thatch-covered palapa with us. Then it struck me: What a great gimmick at this always-overcrowded beach! I should just get crutches and limp around until someone takes pity on us - preferably close to the water so I don't have so far to fake a limp when I boogie board.

My physical therapist (Hi Cary!) will be happy to read that I was able to boogie board with a minimum of shoulder pain. The rush of the waves covered up the straining quite nicely. Also, the waves were very small: kind of the bunny slope of boogie boarding. Tonight I did have a margarita with dinner as a preventative for any pain that might keep me away. Hmmm. Perhaps a second to ensure sleep might be in order.

Mid-afternoon, Admiral Fox received a cell phone call on the beach, drawing lots of stares from Canadians and non-Canadians alike (see photo above), but was polite and walked away from our enclave to talk. Her call started a trend however, and by the time we left the beach for the swimming pool (more physical therapy, I swear), I saw a half-dozen folks on their phones, no doubt telling the people back in Canada what a hard life we have in Puerto Vallarta.


And the sunburn patrol?

Well, I spotted these young ladies at risk. You decide if I should have gone up and warned them of their impending danger.

Dangers of sunburn
Sunburn victims?

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