Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Catching some rays in sunny Sayulita

Catching rays
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SAYULITA, Nayarit, Mexico - A lot of the beach residents of this town north of Puerto Vallarta were out getting sun Christmas Day while I hunkered in the shade, trying to stay out of the sun.

(Yes, Dr. Silva (my dermatologist), I was staying out of the sun, for the most part.)

I still got a fairly impressive sunburn, but nothing like in years past when I first hit the beach after months and months of no sun at all.

We were at the famous surfing spot to spend Christmas Day with Dustin, Dan and Lorraine Olsen, and a lot of other gringos on the shore. A lot of other gringos.

The surf was huge - way beyond my boogie boarding abilities, even without my shoulder problems. I still haven't dipped the 'frozen shoulder' into the warm waters of the Banderas Bay to see if it will help.

Maybe today.

Surf's up, amigos
Surf's up at Sayulita

We also had the company of a beach dog for awhile, well known to the locals, who begs food, but is a true Mexican gentleman most of the time, waiting patiently for people to feed him.

Dustin lost patience with him early on, though and chased him away several times.

Later on, Dustin discovered that the dog has lifted his leg on Dustin's beach bag, which was sitting in a row with a group of others. Smart dog to know which one was Dustin's.

Adopted dog
Smart dog

Here's some other photos from the Christmas adventure:

On the beach
On the beach at Sayulita

Packin' the truck
Packing the truck

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