Saturday, December 30, 2006

Escaping the madcap woman doing braids

Hair-do in process
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PARADISE VILLAGE BEACH, Nayarit, Mexico - I narrowly escaped having to spend the first part of the New Year with my hair neatly braided in some kind of Rastafarian 'do' when a very polite, very insistent young lady came by our palapa today seeking to do both my hair and Admiral Fox's.

She was much more interested in getting her hands on my hair than the hair of Admiral Fox - even offering to do a few braids 'gratis' just to show me how cute I would be.

When I told the young braider that my wife didn't speak any Spanish, and that I would interpret, she told me in whispered Spanish that I should get my hair braided because it would be a surefire way of attracting a lot of women. I didn't pursue that conversation in either Spanish or English to get a clarification.

Admiral Fox did get her hair done and is happy as the proverbial clam, saying that she will keep the braids in until she returns to the U.S. in late January. Me? Well, I'll continue to avoid the Bob Marley hairstyle for now, mon.

Finished hairstyle
The finished product

It was a great day at the beach - even better waves than the day before and I was thrown off the boogie board twice and landed on the sand without screaming from shoulder pain. This is definitely good therapy. I just wonder if I can deduct the cost of the trip (and assorted expenses like tequila, beer, wine, hamburguesas, etc..) as medical expenses.

The chair tango - which I described a couple of entries ago - was in full force again today, except that many people had simply changed their minds about even going to the beach and there were dozens of vacant chairs and plenty of palapas for shade.

But, of course, there were a lot of people at the beach risking serious sunburns again, including this young lady.

Gratuitous bikini photo
Gratuitious bikini shot

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