Saturday, December 30, 2006

Church's Chicken joins Chili's and Starbucks and...

Church's Chicken sign
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LAS JUNTAS, Nayarit, Mexico - We explored an area between Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta yesterday called Las Juntas and there in the middle of it all was a Church's Chicken - a big chain the states.

Since last year, the PV area has started sprouting American fast food chain outlets all over the place, including a Starbucks and Chili's. And for fans of Hooters Restaurants (Great food!), the second Hooters just opened.

We tend to stay away from these joints, mostly because we certainly have enough opportunity for such foods in the U.S. Also, when I was in Spain years ago, the only time I had any kind of gastrointestinal distress when after my amigo Jack Brown convinced me to eat at a Burger King in Barcelona. After eating the most exotic of foods all over Spain - including raw octopus in Santiago (Raw octopus!) I finally got that down-on-the-hands and knees sick for hours after a simple cheeseburger and fries.

We had a good dinner at Cafe Tacuba last night, tequila-filled of course, as owner Victor is insulted if you don't drink at least a straight shot or two with him. (No headache this morning, which is good, except that I think I am building a tolerance for tequila. Hmmm...)

One chain that most of the boaters would like to see open up here is West Marine, a semi-discount outfit that sells all manner of marine gear. Amigo Dan Olsen bought a compass yesterday for about $200 U.S. The same compass in the U.S. costs about $115 (retail) at West Marine.

There is one big marine store with the unlikely moniker of Zaragosa's where we stopped yesterday to pick up some sandpaper (papele abrasivo) and other goods for son Dustin's projects. It has become Americanized in recent years with lots of boutique marine stuff like sunglasses and fancy shirts. But, it's almost the only game in town.

The store for boaters
Zaragosa's - the Puerto Vallarta West Marine

Front door
Zaragosa's entrada

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