Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The waters of Tenacatita Bay are kayak heaven

Surfing kayak
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LA MANZANILLA, MEXICO - The waters just off the town of La Manzanilla are easily 5 degrees warmer than those of Banderas Bay and the kayaking has been excellent.

Our traveling compadres explored the local waters yesterday, ending their sojourn with some wild surfing in to shore - a little of which is shown in the photo with this blog.

This town has been special since we first checked it out five years ago and it is growing, slowly, with a half-dozen more restaurants and small tiendas added in just the last two years.

The crocodiles are bigger and fatter than ever and the people who buy fish to feed them are as looney as ever, too.

Our beachside apartment has a palapa overlooking the water and the view is the kind you find on postcards - and can't believe. Last night the houseman, Javier, cooked us dorado on the grill downstairs and made us a special gift of home-made salsa fresca, better than anything you would ever get in a restaurant.

In the meantime, the emails are pouring in from friends in Northern California who are battling flood waters and nervously watching creeks and coffer dams along the rivers. My old stomping grounds of Petaluma were flooded and the editor of the newspaper where I once worked - The Argus-Courier - put in a dozen photos on the web to show the damage.

We seem to have picked just the right time to be hiding out in Mexico, far from bad weather, intrusive government and bad air. Too bad we have to go back to Sacramento at all.

But, just as Willie Sutton said when he was asked why he robbed banks - "That's where the money is."

Que lastima!

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