Sunday, December 25, 2005

A 'white' Christmas at Paradise Beach in Mexico

PUERTO VALLARTA, NAYARIT, Mexico - Christmas traditions die hard - even ones that are only four years old.

So this year, even though Sabbatical was in the frosty (ok, just cold) climate of San Francisco, we had Christmas Day on the beach at Paradise Village resort shown in the stylish stock photo with this blog.

We were the realllllly white people on the beach, except that there were about 500 more reallllllly white people (mostly Canadians, eh?) there, too. When flew down on America West airlines Christmas Eve, the plane was loaded with folks from Alberta who were well into having a good time. The flight attendants nearly ran out of vodka.

When you haven't been surfing, it's well, hard, so I opted against boogie-boarding the first day, instead I just did a little swimming, quite a bit of sitting in the sun (too much) and more walking around than I have done in weeks.

My knee is killing me, I'm kind of pink, but the day was nearly perfect weather for Christmas - 80 degrees, 10 knots of wind and not a cloud.

Not a cloud.

And dinner? We had thought we would go to Victor's Restaurant (Cafe Tacuba) in Marina Vallarta for dinner, but it got late and we decided to save his special margaritas and fresh seafood for another night.

Instead, we will have a traditional meal - Italian - of pasta and margaritas.

We need to carbo up a little before our first surfing expedition tomorrow morning.


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  1. Aloha Gringo, So pleased you took time out of your hard day to write to us little people. We had frezzing rain here and a high temp just above 20 degrees. But I stayed inside and looking out the window it was something out of "currier and Ives". So party on dude but don't turn your back on the ocean and use lots of sun-screen. Happy New Year from Vermont. Peace out, Kelly