Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sabbatical Christmas card preview on the web

RICHMOND, Calif. - After a uneventful, three-hour motor tour of San Francisco Bay we returned to our slip at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor and had our snapshot taken for a Christmas card - provided we actually get around to ordering some this year.

Oh! And mailing them out, too.

(Hmmm. A three-hour tour, something about that phrase seems to ring familiar.)

The weather was actually DDG (drop-dead-gorgeous) at least for San Francisco in near-winter. The sun was brilliant (I have a little sunburn to show for it) and temperatures in the 60s. If you were sheltered from the wind - which we were in this photo-op pix - the temperature was close to 70 degrees (note the T-shirt).

But, even with this little blast of warmish weather, it won't be too long before we rocket off (ok, jet off) to Puerto Vallarta for a three-week, mid-winter hiatus and some visits to old haunts like La Manzanilla.

Viva Richmond! Viva Mexico!

And to all a good night. Ho, ho!

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