Sunday, December 11, 2005

Loose talk about buying a new automobile

Who needs an SUV?
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - There's some loose talk around the house about the need for a larger vehicle - something that can carry more than two people.

Maybe something that can carry a little cargo, too.

But on granddaughter Samantha Rose Allen's 8th birthday in October, we did very nicely transporting her birthday present, at least until we stepped up the speed to about 35 when the wrapping paper shredded, sending ribbons and bows all over La Riviera Drive.

We drove home, regrouped and rewrapped, this time with the bedsheet draped over the whole package and tied it down securely.

After all, why cry over a little shredded paper? If you want to cry, buy a new car and make payments on a $20,000 car loan.

Now that is sad.

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