Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sailing on San Francisco Bay in the winter

RICHMOND, Calif. - The weather at this time of the year in California is usually envied by people in, say, Iowa.

By comparison, it is pretty nice.

But don't stack it up against, say, Puerto Vallarta, where it is a nice 80 degrees as I write this, the water is swim-able and the whales jumping like crazy.

I know about the weather in Puerto Vallarta by checking the web. The Sacramento/Richmond weather I get by sticking my head out of doors.

Still, San Francisco Bay is hard to beat as a sailing spot, even when it is blowing like hell (see the photo with this blog).

The wind in Richmond comes ripping down the channel, making for an interesting time getting in or out, depending on the wind direction. But once safely tucked in the marina where we keep Sabbatical, the wind drops and the temperature climbs quickly.

Sabbatical has been at rest for weeks and will likely remain in the slip for a few more weeks while we wait for the temperatures to get above 55 during the day. Mexico has spoiled us, for sure.

But eventually there's a weekend ahead of maintenance with Chief Engineer Scott Noble to figure out why the diesel engine (referred to respectfully as Col. Perkins) is so hard to start right now. In Mexico, you could barely shut the engine off. Here, it takes a lot of cranking to get him going. But that's why we have a such a great engineer.

More power, Scotty. More power!

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