Monday, January 16, 2006

On the lookout for whales in Banderas Bay

In Search of Whales
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PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico - Remember when you went on vacation and then rushed to the corner photo shop as soon as you got home to get your film developed so you could see how much fun you had?

Well, with electronic cameras you can certainly get more instant gratification than that, but this trip we came back with a camera overloaded with images, so many that I finally downloaded everything today, finding lots from our whale-watching expedition aboard Dan Olsen's Zephryous with Ray and JoAnn Koegel from Sacramento.

Dan is at the back of the photo in a Latitude 38 t-shirt, intently steering to get as close as possible to a leviathan.

Seconds after this blog shot was taken, we had a whale come straight for the boat from a distance of about 100 yards, submerge and go underneath the keel.

Considering that these beasties are bigger than Dan's 38-foot sloop and could probably flip us up in the air, well, we held our breath until the whale surfaced on the other side.

That day the water was flat, perfect for seeing the whales who cluster in the bay in the fall and winter as part of their annual migration.

And why not? Several hundred thousand people have the same idea. Maybe the whales aren't too keen on cold weather either.

My nose is still peeling from the sunburn I got that day, but the memory is strong and of course we have photos to review. Now I need to remember to delete my dermatologist from my blogging email list before I send out a notice that this was posted.

He has no sense of humor about my Mexico sojourns and would prefer I live in a nice bleak climate, like, say, Sacramento in the winter.

Phooey! Viva Mexico. Viva Las ballenas!

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