Thursday, January 26, 2006

The knee passes muster, onto the rehab center

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The doctor gave my knee a solid thumbs up today, took out the stitches and said:

"NO twist and shout action for at least 8 weeks." After that, he said, I can dance my butt off.

He did suggest, however, that riding a stationary bicycle, walking reasonable distances, and doing most normal activities is fine. If the knee hurts, just stop doing whatever it is, he said.

Sound advice, probably not just for hurt knees.

So the question quickly came up: "Doc, should I go to some trendy gym and have some incredibly gorgeous young woman walk me through a workout routine? Should I get a personal trainer? Could that be part of your prescription?"

The Doc didn't miss a beat, after looking at my chart:

"Better check with your cardiologist to see if you could take that kind of stress."

Comedians, I find them everywhere I go.

So, I won't be pumping iron with the young lady in the photo with today's blog, but I probably will be cruising yard sales this weekend to find a stationary bicycle to ensconce in the backyard for a couple of months to build up (and stretch) the muscles around the recently tuned up knee cap.

You know just the kind of bike I'm looking for.

Every January, they fly out of sporting goods stores in the back of automobiles owned by people who swear, swear that this year they are going to get in shape and lose 20 (or more) pounds.

I know. I've owned two of them before. Sold both of them at yard sales for 10 percent of what I paid for them. And I thought I was lucky to sell them.

And while it might be a little early for New Year's resolutions to wear off, I think I'll find a bargain out there, maybe even a stationary bike I owned 10 years ago.

In the meantime, I'll put a call in to my cardiologist.

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