Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunset in phoenix - waiting for the next flight

Sunset in phoenix
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PHOENIX, Arizona - We are back in the USSA and waiting for a flight to Sacramento, $400 richer than just a few minutes ago.

The America West flight was waaaay overbooked (So what's new?) and we took an offer to be bumped onto the next flight.

The $400 will almost cover a roundtrip ticket to Puerto Vallarta - or a lot of other places we might like to go in the next year.

The airport isn't as scenic as this cactus photo is, but it is warm here and the airport offers free wireless internet to keep us amused while we wait about an hour and a half for the last flight out to Sacramento.

Sometimes, I just love all this technology.

(The delay is making for a pretty long day of travel, but, hell, it was a long day anyway.)

The good news is that the airport has cleared out to such a degree that I should be able to stretch out on the benches here, turn on my IPod and zone out with the latest CD by Bubba and Bottom Feeders from Puerto Vallarta.

My favorite cut?

"It's Hard to Kiss The Lips That Have Been Chewing My Ass All Day."


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