Sunday, June 03, 2007

A visit to the future Casa Admiral at Tenacatita

ENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico
- Three days into our stay in La Manzanilla, we decided it was time to take a Sunday drive out to our beach-front lot in Tenacatita, about 14 miles up the road and near the pueblo of El Rebalsito.

It was the same 85 degrees with 85 percent humidity we've had since the evening we arrived, but the wind was blowing off the ocean a good 20+ knots so it wasn't too bad - particularly in the mighty Tsuru on the drive out with the airconditioner blasting at full force.

Crashing surf
Big surf, big waves

The wind had whipped up the ocean big time, giving me some serious pause about whether or not I would ever be doing much swimming right in front of the new place. As a backup, while we surveyed the property again, we figured out just the right spot for a swimming pool in front of the house. The waves were hypnotic, though, and we sat for some time admiring their power as they carved channels all up and down the shore. The wind also covered us with salt spray and I notice my camera is making kind of a grinding noise when I turn any knobs.

The most startling thing though was walking up and seeing the monstrous rock formation - right in front of where we will be building our house - covered with a few tons of bird crap. Yup, we looked out at a lovely whitecapped mountain that represents a whole season's worth of bird poop without any rain. As soon as the monsoons arrive, we're betting the guano gets washed off pretty quick.

At least we hope so.

Guano rock
Mt. Guano Grande

And the time is going slower now that we have retired, though how it got to be 4 p.m. already, I don't know. On my 'todo list' I still have: take a major nap, practice guitar, & go to saltwater therapy (swimming) all yet to complete.

How will I ever get it done before it's time for dinner at 8 p.m. at the taqueria down the block?

Sylvia practices the violin
Sylvia fits her musical practicing in

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