Sunday, June 17, 2007

Even the retirement parties can be a lot of fun

- Many retirement parties can be somber affairs, endless reviewing and rehashing of careers. Lots of, if I only had more time I could have...

In the case of my friend and CSU, Sacramento colleague, Bill Dorman, his grand soiree Saturday was a celebration of the next phase of his life after a 40-year teaching career.

If Bill's life was a movie, it would be called "A Teaching Life."

Bill at blackboard
Bill at the blackboard
teaching War, Peace
& the Mass Media

The sequel to "A Teaching Life" would likely be called "Bill & Pat's Excellent Adventures."

I was asked by Bill's wife Pat to do a bit of minor league emceeing of the event, lining up some speakers and trying to manage the order of speakers so that various people could have their say and yet keep it light enough that no one had to reach for the Kleenex.

That didn't work so well (there were a few tears), but all the speakers had good things - and many hysterical things - to say about this guy who has been a great friend and mentor to me during my 20 years at CSU, Sacramento. Bill's son Chris could fill in for Jon Stewart anytime - and maybe get higher ratings.

I introduced Bill in the fall semester when he gave the Livingston Lecture on the CSUS campus. Being chosen to give that talk is arguably the highest honor the university faculty can bestow on a colleague. I pulled out all the stops in that intro, managing to choke him up a little before he gave his speech.

Bill with former Pres
Bill with former CSUS President
Don Gerth and Bev Gerth

Admiral Fox worked the video camera to capture the speakers at Bill's retirement party and also got lots of B roll of the event and so the next Fox-Fitzgerald rockumentary will likely be based on Bill's retirement party.

No titles come to mind just yet, though I'll bet after I review the video many will come to mind.

Already, one is bubbling its way to the surface, something like "Walking Tall on Campus."


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  1. Sounds like an truly memorable event. Fitting for such a memorable instructor. I am indeed fortunate to have been one of his last War, Peace and Mass Media students...

    Did I mention he gave me an "A" - No? Must've slipped my mind!