Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The frozen shoulder problem and computers

PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - The frozen shoulders are not thawing as I had hoped - though retirement is less than a week old, so I shouldn't be too impatient. Stretching, saltwater therapy and tequila tranquilizers at sunset haven't really made a dent. Ditto for any drugs for relieving the pain.

But even before I left Sacramento, I asked my amiga Marcia Carlson Hein in the UK about using voice recognition software to avoid all this keyboarding. I don't know for sure if the keyboard work is adding to the problem, but after a long session typing, the shoulders do kink up.

I had a colleague at CSUS who offered me a copy of a program called Dragon Speaking Naturally, but it only works on PC-based machines, not Apples.

Que lastima.

Marcia - an Apple user - recommended looking at at new Apple product, IListen.

Ilisten photo
IListen software

The biggest problem I see is training myself to dictate, rather than type.

You have to say punctuation marks aloud,(comma) or else you would end up with a stream of consciousness piece, sort of Jack Kerouac in the computer age. (period)

So it's one more thing to put on the list to do for when we make a cameo appearance back in Sacramento in about 10 days. (period)

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