Thursday, November 23, 2006

We celebrate Thanksgiving in the mountains

CAMP CONNELL, Calif. -- Our normal Thanksgiving in recent years has been in Mexico, usually on a beach, and with margaritas and surfing.

This year, with Sabbatical in the boatyard in Alameda getting its three-year, out-of-the-water haulout (and being in Northern California) we accepted a great invitation from Sanders and Pat Lamont to have T-Day at their 'cabin' at 5,000 feet elevation, not too far from Angels Camp, the site of Mark Twain's story, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, published in 1867.

Admiral Fox has been practicing her violin since last night with 9-year-old Delaney, (Sanders and Pat's granddaughter) while Sanders and his son-in-law Brian have been strumming on their guitars.

Pat has several instruments ready to play, but hasn't joined in the musica too much yet - too much cooking going on in the kitchen with her daughter Ruth.

And downstairs, sick as a dog, is Brian and Ruth's son Connor, 6-years-old and not having a very good time.

The Lamont's dog, who we often get to dog-sit in Sacramento, is laying low, her place under the table reserved for the Thanksgiving dinner later today when she has high hopes there will be some careless children dropping food. Or careless adults, I suppose.

Our son Dylan (who lives in Berkeley) was supposed to come up today, bringing along Don Tiffin (the builder of Sabbatical) who arrived this morning in San Francisco after a long flight from Australia to stay with us and help with our boat haulout. But Dylan is as sick - maybe sicker - than Connor and so later today, after we stuff ourselves with turkey, we will roll back down from 5,000 feet to sea level again and have a second dinner with Don and drop off a plate of food at Dylan's house.

Here's two morning shots from today:

Bear takes a break before Thanksgiving
Bear at rest under the table

Pat's Thanksgiving breakfast
Pat gets ready to dig in to her breakfast

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