Sunday, November 12, 2006

November brings on the season of slow Sundays

Sunday scene
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - I don't know if it was walking home from the farmer's market a mile away from our house, dropping by the public library to gather another half-dozen novels to attempt to read, or the idea of having beef stew tonight that made me realize we have fallen into the easy rhythm of fall.

The scene I found to illustrate this doesn't really give much of an indication of what life is really like for the Admiral and I.

We have a dog right now, not a cat, the Admiral doesn't own a dress that looks anything like the painting, and while my hair is slicked back, it goes into a longish ponytail, not a starched collar.

Our home scene includes a hot tub in the backyard (to which I will adjourn as soon as this blog is written) and a new Nordic Track recumbent exercise bike that has been challenging my calves for several days.

Despite the langorous days of fall and long evenings, in only six weeks or so, we will be in Mexico getting ready to challenge the surf off Puerto Vallarta and need to get into shape.

For tonight though, all thoughts of such activities have to be banned while we get ready for another week of school.

And, after all, there is that beef stew to consider.

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